open social solidarity space in chaidari
Koumoundourou 5 & Nikomideias, Chaidari


The venture of Istos was born two years ago, in the time of crisis and barbaric attack against labor – social and democratic rights, aiming to form a different kind of civil organization, based on parity, collective effort, self-organization, mutual respect and direct democratic procedures.
All of us that participate in Istos give precedence to solidarity and the creation of social solidarity structures in the neighborhood, aiming not to cover for what the state is obligated to provide to its citizens but trying to cover some needs and give answers to everyday life problems, without racial exclusions, by organizing joint struggles against those that brought us to this.
One year ago, we proceeded with the occupation – reutilization of an historical building, rendered unusable by the city administration, the Old Chaidari City Hall. The building remained unutilized, shut down for seven years and the city administration was planning to demolish it and cement the space, thus wasting a huge amount and benefiting only their contractors. Istos and the local community stood opposite their plans.
Thus, for two years now, with much team work, zest and belief in this venture, we are able to offer once again to the residents of this city a live cell of resistance, action and solidarity:
Volunteer teachers tutor high school students
The “Social Solidarity” group acts in order to support vulnerable social groups
The “Social Economy -Self-sufficiency” group organizes self-educating seminars and practical workshops
Pro bono legal, accountant and medical support is provided
Open visual art workshops for children and adults
Musical-theatrical groups for children and adults, music-kinetic activities
The Film group organizes open film projections
“Self-managed Social Coffeehouse” and “Collective Kitchen”
“Re-action” political thinking group
Self-knowledge, dancing, foreign languages and music groups
Children’s clothing and toys exchange
Music courses by the “Social Odeum”, “OIKO.POLI.S” and “Friends of Nature” events are also hosted in our space, which is available to all collectivities for meetings, events and gatherings.
Concerts, theatrical performances, festivals and film shows take place in the square-yard, with the participation of hundreds of our fellow citizens.
We participate in initiatives and actions against fascism and neo-nazism. We fight to defend political and social rights, support labor and social struggles. We resist to the spoilage of nature and the degrading of cities.
Open actions and interventions by “ISTOS”, and by all self-organized and occupied spaces in general, are thorns to the political system. That is why they are under coordinated attack, defamation and concealment of their real action and alternative propositions.

We invite you to:
Participate and create through the activities and initiatives developing in Istos
(assembly every Sunday at 6:00)
Fight against government policies that degrade our lives, on the one hand, and penalize resisting self-organized spaces and developing social fights, on the other.
Resist to the plans to sell out the Old City Hall.